Friday, April 1, 2016

Half Fin . . .

I've had a lot of fun ideas over the past week on what to blog about. Now that it's time to write a post, I find I don't really want to do any of them. Not that I've lost interest in those ideas, but gosh darn it I don't want to have another half finished project!!!

Part of my current funk is tied into things like: Smokey agitating my allergies, It's SNOWING, and little annoyances like that. MOST of my issue, and I know this is true, is the lack of sleep. I can handle most anything, but if I don't get enough sleep my ability to handle thing goes waaaaay down.

If only getting enough sleep was as simple as laying down and sleeping. Unfortunately life isn't that simple for me.

To start I have kids that require attention all day and when there is a slight chance of having a span of time that I could sleep I risk waking up to total destruction.

Which leads me to explain my nights. First, I usually get most of my "me" time in after everyone goes to bed. Me time is a combination of doing things I want to do, should do, or have to do. I've been skipping that lately in order to go to bed earlier. This not only takes away my de-stress time, but it isn't working.

Elaina is an awesome baby and she's a cuddler, which I love. But she refuses to go to sleep without cuddles. Most of the time I enjoy it, but sometimes I'm like "I really want to get x done!" and I have to stop what I'm doing to sit down and cuddle her for however long.

Lately she hasn't been wanting to go to sleep . . . EVER. Yesterday she slept for about 30 minutes during the afternoon and 5 minutes in the car. Then she slept for an hour for my husband while I was out with Cheyenne. She flatly refused to sleep last night after multiple attempts and by the time we got her to sleep, I was strung out.

This is followed by Luke having some oddball hours where he gets up at 2-3 in the morning and runs around his room playing for an hour. His room is right over ours so the noise wakes me up. Then Elaina sleeps lightly and I keep thinking she'll wake up and throw a fit and the best time to calm her down is before she loses her marbles, so every time she stirs or makes a noise I wake up and I'm all tense . . . waiting . . .

Then Luke gets up early and Elaina wakes up shortly after. Frankly my nights are just a lot of light sleeping and periods of laying there awake.

As I said, my ability to deal with things gets low. I've been off my diet for 5 days now because eating is my best "this doesn't negatively effect anyone but me" coping mechanism. Of course as soon as I get done eating I then wallow in guilt and self-pity, but it's better than snapping at people.

How's this lead back to half-finished projects? Well with my limited amount of time I haven't been finishing anything. I've got half-finished everything. Half-finished laundry, half-finished cleaning, 3 half-finished sewing projects, and really partially finished is more accurate, but half sounds better. Half is 50%.

And then there's the partially finished book I'm reading and the partially read proof I'm working through.

It's getting really annoying. So here's a post about my frustration with all my partially done stuff to avoid writing a post that I don't have the material to finish right now.


  1. I don't have the same challenges as you but I totally get that"half finished" feeling. Here's wishing you some rest!

    1. It's a terrible feeling! Kind of like you get to the end of the day and you can't check anything off your list.

      I told my husband it's sad when "accomplished" means the clean clothes are now level with the basket they're in instead of heaped so high they're falling.

  2. Well hey. You finished a blog post. That counts :D

    1. Yay me! Haha, watch it be the only thing I finished this week.

  3. -hugs- I hope you have a chance to get some decent sleep soon. It's frustrating to juggle so many things, especially on limited amounts of sleep. Stay strong!

    Also, decreasing the laundry pile to the point of being level instead of mountainous is an accomplishment in my book. Focus on what you've gotten done, and try not to think about everything at once.

    1. I hope so too. We just bought a new mattress that'll be here Friday. Really hoping that'll help me and Elaina sleep better! She was up for 2 hours last night around 3am. Crazy kid.