Friday, June 3, 2016

Attacking the list

It's been a long month for me. I know, I know, I have long months all the time. BUT, I mean I had a long(busy) month in terms of writing! Ah-ha, that's new!

Originally I wanted to publish "Heart of the Winterland" in the spring, but I realized that just wasn't going to happen. It wasn't ready and I would rather wait than publish before I was done.

I started working through my proof for my final editing pass and it was just taking SO freaking long. I would have days where I didn't even pick the book up. It finally got to the point where I was like, "I need to reevaluate my time usage."

Time is a fixed object. You can't "make" more of it. I needed to shuffle what I was spending my time on. Normally I take some time away from sleep at night to work. But my daughter one day without and gradual shift decided she was done sleeping with mommy and daddy. For 6 months that child has insisted on being cuddled for every nap and bedtime. Suddenly that wasn't what she wanted. I needed to find a new way to get her to sleep for all of our sakes!

The end result was her sleeping in the nursery. She's all grown up!

I struggle at the "moving out" stage. For x amount of months that little bundle of cuteness has been with me for most of the time. There's something comforting about having them next to you so you can reach out and make sure they're okay. Not to mention baby cuddles are the best!

Postpartum is luckily something I don't struggle with, but I definitely get an idea of what that must feel like. It's silly, I know it's silly. She still depends on me for pretty much everything. But for whatever reason, the moving to the crib stage is the hardest. You can't reclaim that. You never get those baby cuddles again once they're gone, at least not with that kid.

My husband on the other hand was ecstatic over the move. No more "Elaina gets half the bed" and no more Elaina feet in the back. I have to admit, she was getting pretty restless at nights and there was a good bit of flailing and kicking that was going on. Not to mention, yes, she did get most of the bed. 

The move did not result in more sleep for mommy. So don't even think that's the case! Elaina wakes up at midnight, 2am, and between 4 and 5am every night. And then usually one of the three kids is up between 6-8am. I haven't been able to get a decent, unbroken sleep session in . . . forever. The lack of deep sleep has left me exhausted.

Anyway, back to the point, I decided to put almost everything on hold so I could focus on getting through my proof and marking edits, then applying those edits.

I struggle to stay motivated on a single thing. I like to multi-task. But I was determined and I just kept telling myself to push!

I finally finished! We had no clean towels in the house and my son was on his last pair of clean clothes, but I finished. The house is a mess, but I finished. I became a social recluse, but I finished. I haven't done anything recreational in ages, BUT I FINISHED!!!
I haven't fully had a chance to celebrate. My last few pages were like this: edit spot, "Mommy! Read to me!", "Not right now.", edit, "Mommy! Look! Lego tower!", "that's nice hunny. Mommy has to finish this.", edit, "Mommy! Gookie's yucky!", *buries face in pillow and screams*, "I just have 5 more pages!!!!!"

So as soon as I finished, I took the kids to the library as promised and after that we met my husband for pizza. Even this post is getting done in pieces. 

While I do feel a since of relief, my mind was already turning to my long list of things that I'd put off to get my manuscript complete. I have a small window of time between now and publish date(my husband is finishing up the technical stuff), and then I'll have to tackle marketing.

The question is, with that in mind, what to do first? I woke up this morning and felt like an army commander suiting up and getting ready to attack my list.

Really I'm looking to accomplish both the fun and not so fun stuff that I've been missing. The kids and I got most of the upstairs cleaned and vacuumed this morning. Cheyenne's room is the only one left. I've also been running the dishwasher, washer, and dryer nonstop all day. That means there'll be a mountain of laundry to fold later. 

I have to sort out all of the kids long sleeves and pants now that warm weather is here. My husband has several projects he's working on and one is tilling the garden, so once that is done I'll have planting to do. 

And then there's the fun things. I picked up some of my reading challenge books yesterday and I'm so excited to actually be reading! (including Winterland I've only read two books this year) I also have a list of sewing projects that need completed. Now the Elaina is in the nursery, some of those have jumped up from "not now" to "now". Crib bumpers being the big one as we've had to free the poor kids legs a few times.

I'm hoping to be sharing my editing process next week and what my method was and what I found worked well.

Does anyone else have a long list of to-do things now that summer is here?


  1. Yay and you are so nearly there now! Counting down till launch day :)

    We have some plans for the garden over the summer. I'm trimming back the ivy that covers the entire back fence. It's gone a bit mad because I couldn't be bothered to cut it last year.

    And now D has some free time he's hoping to clear all the rubbish and maybe lay a new patio area. We'll see!

    1. *looks at the calendar* 12 days! Ugh, why's it so long!?

      Ah ivy, I don't have any of that, but I know how crazy it can get. I should do something with my lilac bush, because it's getting a bit frisky.

      It's always nice when the husband's have a project! We're hoping to have our landing done soon. I'll have to share before and after picts when it's finished.

  2. Love that 'stay on target' meme! I often think of that moment in Star Wars when life is pulling me in every direction (or I'm doing some serious procrastinating)!

    1. Yes! It's hard when you have so many other things tugging for your attention.

  3. Haha! Love the memes...
    Here summer is almost over. The rains have started and we spent last evening dancing in the rain :)

    1. It's been rainy here too. Cheyenne loves running in the rain. She talked me into going out with her last week and we ran around in circles.

  4. So happy you finished! I love the photo with you and all the finished papers on the floor. Does a great job capturing the I'M FINALLY DONE feeling!

    As for me, I have many, many things to get done this summer, especially in the next two weeks--the end of my regular internet access for a while. Catching up on blogs, projects, and also getting some editing work (my paid job) done so I can reach my quota before I'm unable to edit for a month. Then it's working on Upgrade, my fairy tale for the anthology, my fantasy trilogy I'm dusting off (under duress; my sister's stopped being patient with me!), and various other things I want to do. Going to be a busy--but fun--summer.