Sunday, July 31, 2016

Camp NaNo Results

And there it is! All pretty and shiny. Freshly stolen of the page of some poor sop who . . . just kidding! It did occur to me that someone could take that off a Google search of someone else's social media post. 

If you remember, I set my goal for 10k words. To help with some perspective in the 14 months prior to July, I'd written approx. 20k words. Granted I was editing my first novel during that time, but I was definitely in a low in terms of non-editing writing. So when I set my goal for 10k I was really nervous. It was more writing than I'd done in a long time.

This was my first camp and I got lucky with my cabin. There were a large number of people from my writing group who wanted to give camp a try and we got together and formed a cabin. 

We did a lot of writing sprints, most in the form of 15 minutes of writing and then 15 minutes off. With my first book published and no need to worry about getting it to that point, I was able to focus all of my writer time on book 2.

Knowing I had that goal was part of my encouragement, but most of it came from my friends(in cabin and out). Being able to write in tandem with others and know that they were expecting me to write during those sprints if I said I would was like . . . they were counting on me! I said I'd do something and I had to do it!

That's how I looked at it anyway. And since I'm one who tries to do what she says and not let people down, bar things I couldn't help, I sat my butt down and wrote.

And here's my stats with 2 days left to go!

My first two couple of days I was like, wow, this isn't so bad. And then at some point I kicked it up a notch and I may have hit 10k by day 8. Yeah, I was super stoked about that.

Realizing how fast 10k words went, I decided to try and hit 20k. You can see I had a fairy level climb with a few flat days and a few super ambitious days. I tried to at least do 323 words a day(my original goal).

About the last week, I just burned out(which you can probably see). But, by that point I'd flown past 20k as well and was starting to see that 30k was possible. Honestly, it took more willpower to finish that last 5k words on my way to 30k, which I hit on the 29th, than it did to accomplish the first 25k.

I may do some more writing today, tomorrow I'll be at a birthday party and probably won't get anything done, so I'm wrapping up my post for NaNo today(Saturday) as I don't imagine I'll get much more done, if anything.

Overall, I've loved the camp experience, and if I'm in the process of writing when future camps roll around, I'll probably join. I can't see myself ever doing the Nov. NaNo. 50k words is way beyond what I can do. 

If you're looking for motivation, inspiration, or just people to write with for a month, I'd recommend joining camp! You can customize your goal(min of 1k words) and choose editing or writing. Camp ins't about whipping out a perfect novel in x amount of words. It's about seeing what you need to accomplish next and challenging yourself to do that within a month. Maybe it's your first draft, maybe it's editing your final draft. That short story you've been thinking of writing, or like me it might be that novel you're in the middle of. 

I'm hoping to drag even more friends to the next camp! Because that's the next best part of camp, seeing other people accomplish their goals and/or kick out a bunch of words in a month. (There's also the letters one of my cabin mates writes to her mom. They're awesome.)

Have you ever joined NaNo? What did you think? Did you join the July camp? How'd you do?


  1. Woohoo you did so well! Just what you needed to kickstart things again :) Oh and we must get Louise to write her letters as a blog post, loved those.

    1. I so hope she writes one more for the end of camp! You did great too. :)

  2. You did amazing, Kristen! :)

    Seconding you and Elise--I want more letters from Louise! They were brilliant.

  3. Congrats Kristen! Didn't join camp this year because I had my own project for National Poetry Month in April. And was mid blogging break, doing lots of reading and now focusing on a draft for the Wattys during July. But I have done NaNo in November and will be doing it again this year.

    1. Thank you! Breaks are good, they help rejuvenate and refocus us. Nov. NaNo is huge! Good luck! I can't wait to see how you do. :)

  4. Nicely done! I did camp this year, reached my word count of 20K, plus some. I kinda stopped keeping track, as I had other things going on too. :-) But it was a solid month of writing--and that's what counts!

    1. Thank you! And congrats to you! That's a nice chunk of words to churn out in a month, plus more! Hopefully we're all as productive this month.

  5. I've participated in NaNo in the past. November only, though. I've technically "retired".

  6. Checking here to see if I can leave you a comment. Hope it goes through.:)