Monday, October 31, 2016

The Angry Book Blogger

After the success of my first contemporary book review, I briefly imagined a future where my entire blog was comprised of nothing but reviews. This was not helped by my husband stating that I should rename the blog to "Angry Book Blogger" and write nothing but book reviews full of memes. Also not helpful to have several people hearing the idea and going DO IT.

Bad people! Temptresses, all of you!

In seriousness, I do love reviewing books and I try my best to be honest and helpful. As much fun as it can be to vent some of my irritation at a book(It is VERY cathartic), I don't want people to think that I hate all books or that I'm rubbing my hands over here and cackling with pleasure every time I dislike a book at the thought of reviewing it.

There's books I love, like, dislike, hate, and books I'm neutral about. I write reviews for readers mostly, not that I don't enjoy writing a positive review in hopes that it might brighten an author's day, but reviewing is my way to tell readers, "Hey! You may like this, here's why." or "Warning, warning, if you dislike these things, this is not the book you're looking for."

I'm not out to "get" anyone and as much fun as it'd be to dedicate a blog to ABB(Angry Book Blogging) I don't want to give the wrong impression. I'm also not keen on confrontation. Unneeded stress and drama. So yeah, I'd worry that someone would eventually get annoyed by my style and decide to bite my head off or something. But then I got to thinking on that last point and realized that I do avoid a lot of things because I'm not looking for a fight or to be attacked on the internet. I'm just not, but people like to see strong opinions. I've decided to let myself have a few on things like books and movies because they're entertainment and having a difference of opinion on such things is not the end of the world or life changing, etc.

To that end, I'm hoping to start putting together book reviews in the style of my Angry Book Blogger personality. They'll be posted on Mondays as long as I have content. If I don't have something for a week, then Monday will be a boring, boring day for y'all.

To make this a balanced endeavor, I'll be reviewing books that emotionally charged me in some way. These will be books that made me mad, sad, happy, intrigued, etc. So they won't all be negative, but I'm hoping to add my ABB flair just the same. Unless this blows up in my face, I'm hoping this'll be a fun way to interact with you and garner some laughs, and who knows maybe interest you in a new book or save you some misery.


  1. Hey sounds fun :D Definitely a good idea to keep the style but mix things up a bit. After all, any book that inspires a strong emotion is interesting to hear about, whatever that emotion be!

    1. I'm hoping it'll work out well. I'm excited to try it and now just have to keep notes on books that get me amped up.

  2. Sounds awesome! I look forward to more book reviews! :D

  3. Yes! I'm looking forward to meme-filled hilarity.