Monday, November 21, 2016

About the Angry Book Blogger

About: My Angry Book Blogger(ABB) series features reviews that have inspired a lot of emotion from me. These are posted on Mondays, though if I don't have content for a week there'll be nothing that Monday.

Disclaimer: I receive no compensation for any review done on my blog(or elsewhere). All books reviewed are books I have selected out of my personal reading pile. I buy, borrow, download for free, or win all books reviewed unless otherwise stated. All reviews are unsolicited. I do not accept review requests as I have a very busy life between family and writing. And when I do take time to read, I have a massive to-read pile.

My promise: Opinions posted in my reviews are just that, opinions. I'm not out to make or break anyone. I want to offer my opinion to hopefully help readers find something new to read or avoid a book that may have issues they also dislike.

I know many readers are afraid to post reviews below 3 stars(and some even afraid to post 3 star reviews). I am not one of them. No, I don't want a review to come back and bite me, but I feel honesty in the reading world is essential.

Variety: I post negative and positive reviews here for three reasons.

1. Balance - I like to offer more than just one extreme.

2. Relief - If you've ever had the burning desire to tell the world about an amazing book, or the desire to rant endlessly about a terrible one, you'll know what I'm talking about. It's a great release for me to be able to slap emotions churned up by a book on a post that in turn intrigues or incenses other people.

3. Trust - This is the biggest reason. When I tell readers that I LOVED a book, I want them--I want YOU to believe me. If you know that I'm not afraid to share a negative experience with a book, you can believe that when I say I had a positive one that I mean it. I WANT people to trust me when I say a book is good.

Authors(myself included) need to take negative reviews in stride. Cry to a close friend, but keep it private. And we shouldn't make readers afraid. Sadly, too many negative experiences have caused reviewers to hide their dislikes.

Reviews are great for authors to learn, to grow, and yes, good ones are great pick-me-ups. But I see negative reviews as being a resource for readers only. Most of the time, they'll only upset the author, so best to avoid reading them. Think of it this way. If you were looking online at a shirt and you see a negative review(or several) that says, "I'm broad-shouldered and this was very tight on the shoulders." and you are built the same, you can move on. That negative review just saved you a lot of time and hassle and money. It saved the person selling the shirt from having another unhappy buyer and another negative review.

I've been saved from lots of bad purchases by negative reviews. I've also not paid attention and bought items that I read the reviews for later and realized there were people who warned against the problem I faced. THANK YOU! Thank you to reviewers of all sorts. I don't want to be annoyed by picking up something that won't work for me. And sometimes the issues stated are not issues for me and I buy the product.

Thank you to reviewers out there who give their best, honest opinion without personally attacking the creator/seller. Thank you to the people who read and enjoy my ABB series.

My Mission: To take bad experiences and save you the pain. To vent some frustration while making you laugh. To introduce you to amazing stories and get you excited along with me. And again, to make you laugh. I like making people smile and if the humor in any of my reviews makes you happy, I feel successful. So even if you just drop me a comment ever and say, "Thanks for the laugh!" I'll be preening like a peacock.

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