Monday, January 9, 2017

Author Interview with S.M. Pace

Time for another author interview! This month I had the pleasure of talking to fantasy author S.M. Pace. She currently has two published books belonging to her Threads of Magic series.

Both Shadow of the Wolf and Wings of the Butterfly are available on Amazon on ebook and paperback .
And now to the interview!

Kristen - So many authors are also avid readers. Would you say you're one of them? Who are your favorite authors.

S.M. - I read quite a bit, but I don’t have too many favorite authors. I read a blurb, and if the novel sounds good, I will read it. I do love Terry Pratchett, and Patricia Briggs, and I have/will read anything written by them. I’m still working my way through the Discworld series. 

Kristen - I certainly understand not having many favorite authors. I love so many books, but they span across more authors than I can count. Usually it's easier for me to say a favorite series than author.

Can you tell us about your writing process and the way you brainstorm story ideas?

S.M. - Most of my brainstorming is done through freewriting. To develop characters I have a list of go to questions I ask, and then I’ll free write on what the character looks like. I try to stick with things that are really unique about them, like an unusual hairstyle, or scar. I’ll free write on the problem of the story and use that to map out all my scenes. I try to shrink my scenes down to a single manageable sentence, showing conflict, character and outcome. Odds are pretty good any of those things will change when I actually sit down to write the scene, but it helps me get a baseline. 
Kristen - Do you have any advice for other authors on how to market their books?S.M. - I can’t really give advice yet, because I don’t know much at this point about marketing. I’ve tried some things, but I haven’t had time up until now to really explore marketing. 
Kristen - I'm in the same boat. I've mostly been focusing on adding another book to my series and my ventures into marketing have been few. Hopefully one day we'll both be able to give sage advice on the matter as marketing experts!

Would you say being a writer is a gift or a curse?S.M. - For me it’s a gift. I love telling stories. But I guess it could also be a curse, at those times when I have a plot bunny rattling around in my head not letting me get anything else done. 
Kristen - Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?S.M. - My first genuine, original fiction story was about a family of young witches who were charged with guarding a special amulet that served as a prison for a malevolent evil. This was in my Sims days, so a lot of the appeal for me came from writing about how each of the characters grew up, got married and had families. I’ve heard writers talk about how they found it impossible to envision a child character becoming an adult, but I’ve never had that problem. I love revisiting my characters as adults.

Kristen - I've always been on the fence about characters who become adults. Sometimes I love it, other times I wanted them to stay perpetually young. I think part of it is what kind of life do they have as an adult? If it's one that's been laden with tragedy then I'd rather they stayed young in my mind. :) 

Thank you for stopping by and answering some questions for me!

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I’m a fantasy writer and self-published author of two novels, Shadow of the Wolf and Wings of the Butterfly. I would have published more by now, but I also have a husband (Bear) a baby (Bunny) and a full time job (Teacher). All which keep me very busy, and forced to carve out writing time whenever I can.

But I always do, because writing is my passion. I love to tell stories, of every kind. Hidden away on my hard drive is every genre of story; drama, romance, fantasy, sci fi, mystery western and everything in between. But my favorite, above all of them, is fantasy. Because fantasy can be all of them. Fantasies can have drama, romance, mystery and they can even share the frontier outlaw nature of western, and the feel futuristic feel of sci fi.

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