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Aeonians Book Tour!

Hey readers! Today I'm part of blog tour for The Aeonians, a YA fantasy that'll be released . . . TOMORROW!

First a little bit about the book and then we'll go straight into the interview with author J.E.

 Isabel Deran only wants to practice archery with the castle guards, and that is the last thing expected from an elegant Princess. Living in the shadow of her late sister, Victoria, she is next in line to receive the royal armlet that is embedded with four stones: an opal, a sapphire, an amber, and a ruby. It is a revered family heirloom with the power of the elements passed down from mother to daughter.

However, an evil, once thought to be sealed away in a prison in which time does not pass, breaks free with an army that swarms the castle and wreck havoc over the kingdom in search for the magical armlet. They are known as the Aeonians. When they kidnap Isabel and place their hands on it, the precious stones vanish.

Isabel is now trapped in a race against time to locate her stones of power with the head of the Aeonian army, Bence Brechenhad, stalking her like a shadow. With the help of her trusty weapon, the sai, she fights her way through seemingly impossible trials and fearsome monsters in order to restore peace in her kingdom.

Kristen: What was your inspiration for Aeonians?

J. E.: My primary inspiration came from a beloved childhood video game: Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. I was fascinated by the sense of exploration, the urgency of destiny, and the diverse characters. At first I was dreaming up fan-fiction, but eventually, I wanted to create a story of my own. I also was inspired by eastern elements of fantasy- traditional powers of the elements: wind, water, earth, fire.

Kristen: Who’s your favorite character and what do they do that makes them so special?

J. E.: My favorite has to go the Bence. Yes, the antagonist. The more I fleshed him out, the more I appreciated him. He is not a "bad guy" because he is evil for no reason. Bence is flawed, but has a good head on his shoulders, and his motives are the result of misdirection. This creates a complex character, which I grew to appreciate. Plus a sarcastic sense of humor. Quite the charmer (not).

Kristen: If you were transported into the world of your story, what role would you fill and how do you think you’re react?

J. E.: Oh! Fun question! If I were transported directly into my story, I would want to be in the middle of the action. I'd probably take the role of Isabel's side kick. My purpose would be dual: Help her grow her confidence (the confidence I never had growing up) and fight alongside her. Isabel covers a lot of ground in the 400+ pages, and I would love to roam the countryside with her and kick some butt!

Kristen: Can you tell us your favorite world aspect that is special to Aeonians?

J. E.: My favorite world aspect is the diverse species that inhabit it. And it expands past the primary setting, Deran. (You will see more countries in the sequel). I'm proud of the various creatures/races I created and happy to provide them with a world to live in.

Kristen: The princess is at a feast. What would be her favorite foods at the table?

Isabel loves turkey legs. If given the chance, she would toss all proper royalty etiquette out the door and dig into a nice drumstick!

Kristen: What are your plans for the future?

J. E.: I am finalizing the edits to the sequel to "The Aeonians", named "The Shadow Warrior". I am also multi-tasking and working on another fairy-tale re-telling for the next Just-Us-League anthology! In the not to distance future, I may take a break from the Aeonian series and focus on a sci-fi/fantasy mix based from The Fate of Patient Zero, my short story, in "Between Heroes and Villains."

Kristen: Thank you so much for stopping by, J.E and good luck with your launch. 

If anyone would like to learn more about The Aeonians, you can find it on Amazon or get a sneak peek on J. E.'s website.

 J.E. Klimov grew up in a small suburb in Massachusetts. After graduating from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, she obtained her PharmD and became a pharmacist; however, her true passion was writing and illustration.

Ever since J.E. Klimov was little, she dreamed of sharing her stories with the world. From scribbling plotlines instead of taking notes in school, to bringing her characters to life through sketches, J.E. Klimov’s ideas ranged from fantasy to thriller fiction. Her first publication was a short story, The Guardian’s Secret, in “From the Stories of Old”─ an anthology of fairy-tale retellings. “The Aeonians” is her debut novel with Silver Leaf Books.

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  1. Great interview! I'm hopeful for a story based on Patient Zero--that was a fun short story!